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Selecting your car accident or personal injury lawyer through LAWPER saves you money because they will charge a reduced fee of 25% vs. 331/3% of the settlement award if your case settles before filing a lawsuit; 331/3% vs. 40% if your case is settled after a lawsuit but before a trial and 40% only if your case goes to trial. **Traditional firms charge 331/3% of the settlement award if your case settles before a lawsuit is filed and 40% thereafter even without a trial. 

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LAWPER recognizes that without you getting injured, attorneys would not have the opportunity to represent you. Hiring lawyers through LAWPER allows you to put more money in your pocket. On average you can be saving $1,200* Why wait?

*The $1200 saving is based on an average settlement of $15,000. Going through traditional channels your attorney's fee will be $4,950 (331/3%) if your case settled before a lawsuit is filed. Your attorneys fees through LAWPER will be $3750 (25%).

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Brain Injuries

When you shake it you break it. Any slight movement of our brains can cause cognitive deficiencies and will have devastating and lasting effects in

Brain Injuries

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Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accidents are extremely prevalent in San Diego and it is mostly because drivers are distracted and are not paying attention to the road. Bi

Bicycle Accident

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Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents are not as straightforward as a car accident case. This is because of the inherent bias that exists within each of us about mo

Motorcycle Accident

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Legal Malpractice

Legal Malpractice

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Medical Malpractice

As a patient in California, if you've been harmed by the negligence of a doctor or other health care provider, you might have a viable medical

Medical Malpractice

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Burn Injuries

Jury Verdict: $145,000 with 25% fault on client.  Client received second degree burns when a McDonald's employee forgot to securely fasten the lid on the cup of coffee that was handed to h

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Car Accident

Jury Verdict: $292,244. Final Payment: $375,000 Client suffered from chronic neck pain as a result of defendant's illegal u-turn. The insurance company was able to set aside the judgment after

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My family had previously had a bad experience with a personal injury lawyer because the attorney took most of the settlement money and they only got a very small amount for their injury. I did some research and found LAWPER. The pricing seemed fair and finding an attorney was very easy. I was able to communicate with my attorney through LAWPER. At the end, I was able to save money because of the lower fee structure. I recommend LAWPER to anyone looking for an injury lawyer. 

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