In 2012, I was admitted to practice law in the State of California. I worked for the Public Defender’s Office for the first seven years of my career and gained valuable hands-on experience. Now, I put that experience to use on a daily basis for my clients. I have seen any and all types of cases, from speeding tickets to homicides, I have represented them all. I am a trial lawyer. I have represented over 4,400 criminal cases, 45 jury trials, and countless motions and preliminary hearings. My practice as a trial lawyer is built on: Communication, Trust, Competence, and Empathy. The importance of these four pillars has been instilled within me as a result of my years with the Public Defenders office, years being trained by my mentor, and my family. I am invigorated to have my name directly linked to my work as a trial lawyer. My dream fulfilled is to have my name and my reputation on the line everyday for my clients. Hawkins Law is that dream, and I thank all of my clients for helping me achieve that dream.

Practice Area

Truck Accident,Car Accident,Motorcycle Accident,Bicycle Accident,Dog Bites,Slip And Falls


58 Yr+ Experience


402 W. Broadway, Suite 400 San Diego California United States 92101